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About underwater testing, something you don't know.
Edit:新乡市鸿源潜水工程有限公司   UpDate:2019-01-22

In our life, there are a lot of jobs, or industries, many of which we do not understand, or do not know, such as underwater testing, this underwater testing needs to dive to the water to carry out work, and not winter or summer, all need to go down to water for monitoring or operation, very dangerous.

Underwater testing, should be cutting equipment and tools, diving tools, trachea and cable, communication and contact tool insulation, water tightness, process performance inspection test. Oxygen hose to use 1.5 times times the working pressure of steam or hot water cleaning, hose inside and outside must not adhere to grease. The trachea and cable should be securely strapped every 5m to avoid entanglement each other. After entering the water dive, the gas supply pipe, cable and signal rope should be sorted out in time, so that it is in a safe position to avoid damage, in order to prevent fire or underwater personnel inhalation of toxic gas poisoning.

Underwater monitoring is a very rigorous, but also very demanding operation, for the staff's physical fitness requirements are also very high.