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What are underwater salvage and what problems do you need to pay attention to?
Edit:新乡市鸿源潜水工程有限公司   UpDate:2018-10-24

Many times, people will encounter some difficulties, and these difficulties are beyond the reach of our own manpower, this time we need to have professional people to come over to help. For example, the water salvage, may be valuables fell into the water, may also be people accidentally transferred into the water, may also be swimming without attention on the flooded. In this case, when we can not help ourselves, do not act lightly, make a phone call, find a professional to help.
Underwater salvage is a method for rescue workers to use human water swimming for drowning and salvage while using ambulance equipment. Direct into the water to save the method requires the choice of water-based rescue personnel to bear, and must have a good safety protection measures. such as wearing a protective rope, putting on a life jacket, etc. Direct swimming the order in which the action was rescued was: the discovery of the drowning person; the blockage of the drowning person; the protection of the drowning in the water; the swimming transfer to the drowning person; and the pulling of the drowning man onto the shore. Necessary emergency ambulance measures.
Sincerely hope that everyone is safe and happy life.