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How to operate underwater cutting, need to learn these well?
Edit:新乡市鸿源潜水工程有限公司   UpDate:2019-02-19

Underwater cutting work is full of dangers and uncertainties, so there are strict requirements for these operating procedures and methods, so what should be done, let's take a look at it together.

1. Operation of Cutting point

Under normal circumstances,Underwater cuttingThe process begins with the edge of the cut workpiece and cuts to the middle until it is cut off, but is sometimes limited by structural characteristics or circumstances and needs to be cut from the middle.

When cutting from the edge of the workpiece, the end of the cutting strip is first touched on the edge of the workpiece and perpendicular to the cutting surface, so that the inner hole of the cutting strip is mounted on the edge of the workpiece and then the arc is powered. Using contact method Arc, do not move the cutting bar at the beginning, wait for the edge of the workpiece to form a concave mouth and then slowly move to the middle, start normal cutting, can also be near the edge (the distance from the edge line is not more than 10mm) arc, after the arc quickly moved to the edge, so that the edge mouth to form a notch

When cutting from the middle, it is easier to cut than from the edge. First, the end of the cutting strip touches the workpiece so that it is 80°~85° angle to the cutting surface of the workpiece, and then the contact method or the scratching method is used to fuse the arc. After the arc is kept in place, until cut through before starting normal cutting.

2, the basic operation of normal cutting

Normal cutting refers to the cutting process after the formation of the initial incision, the basic operating methods have the following 3 kinds: Support cutting method, dimensional arc cutting method, deepening cutting method.

The support cutting method refers to the arc-oxygen cutting method that always does not leave the workpiece when the cutting strip tilts and maintains the 80°~85° angle with the cutting surface after the arc is shaped into the initial incision, and the cut strip is supported on the surface of the workpiece by cutting the skin sleeve. The method can be cut from left to right, from right to left, and reliably on gauge, easy to operate and efficient, and suitable for underwater cutting of medium and thin plates.

The dimensional arc cutting method refers to the initial incision after the formation of the cutting strip lifted, leaving the surface of the workpiece about 2~3mm, and remain perpendicular to the workpiece, and then along the cutting line evenly forward, always maintain the arc does not extinguish. The method is suitable for underwater cutting of thin steel plates with a thickness of less than 5mm. Because it is difficult for divers to maintain the stability of the body under water, the arc is not easy to maintain stability. In addition, the cutting quality is slightly lower than the support cutting method, so the actual application of the dimensional arc cutting method is not used.

The deepening cutting method refers to the cutting process after the formation of the initial incision, the cutting strip continues to reach into the slit, so that the slit continues to deepen, until the cutting through the workpiece, so reciprocating, will eventually cut open the workpiece. This method is suitable for thick plate or laminate which is not easy to cut through with support cutting method. When operating, the cutting strip moves up and down to coordinate evenly in order to keep the arc stable combustion.

3, a variety of positions of underwater arc-oxygen cutting technology

According to the position of the cut workpiece or structure under water, underwater arc-oxygen cutting can be divided into flat cutting, vertical cutting, transverse cutting and tilt cutting operation technology. The transverse cutting operation is the application of horizontal cutting and cutting operation on the transverse cut workpiece or structure, and the tilt cutting operation should not be applied to this position.

4, suspended position of underwater cutting technology

In underwater cutting operations, many workpieces are in a suspended position, and if cut directly, they can pose a great danger to divers working in a suspended state and have low cutting efficiency. Therefore, first of all, the diver should be able to stabilize the body, can install the workbench as far as possible installation, can not install the workbench can be made a hanging basket, let divers stand in the hanging basket for cutting. In addition, the cable can also be used to stabilize the body.

For the cutting of suspended positions, great attention should be paid to the cutting order. For general workpieces or structures for cross-cutting or vertical cutting, should be cut from top to bottom block. But for the horizontal tube cutting should pay strict attention to, all in the steel pipe on the upper half of the weeks to leave a distance, and then cut or with a crane to pull off.

The above content is about the operation of underwater cutting method of detailed introduction to this, I hope to have some reference value for you.