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What's the price of underwater work?
Edit:新乡市鸿源潜水工程有限公司   UpDate:2018-12-05

Many customers from different channels to find our company, ask related services such as underwater salvage, underwater cutting, underwater welding, underwater plugging, underwater pipe laying, underwater mold bag slope protection and other items of the price, I can only tell them can not be sure. Instead, I would ask----first of all, what are the specific conditions for these customers to provide on site? Again, there are no drawings or instructions for this project. Also understand the specific address of the customer. In this way, it is necessary to analyze the difficulty of the project in many ways in order to give a reasonable price.

When we offer our customers prices, many customers will be surprised. Why is the price so high? They all said without thinking. Many times I will explain to my clients why the price of underwater work is so high. But customers still have a hard time understanding or a dubious attitude. At this time I can only say that you can go out than a comparison, shop around do not suffer. A lot of customers went out and asked for a lap or found us. It shows that the price we give is still relatively low.

So why do customers always feel that the industry, even a small project price is so hard to accept?

First, the particularity of the industry decided, because the personnel engaged in this industry is different from the general construction industry workers, they are very high daily wage, difficult projects may reach about 4000 yuan per day.

Second, the industry specific high risk, because in the underwater dozens of meters of deep operation on the quality of human body challenges are great. A lot of underwater workers died as a result.

Third, the industry in the degree of ease of project, many people think that underwater work is not to underwater operation is good. People who say these things simply do not understand the underwater work, the difficulty of underwater work is like walking a tightrope in the wind, in fact, it is not so exaggerated, but the difficulty is quite large. Because the underwater environment is very complicated.

To sum up, why the price of underwater work is so high, the answer is not difficult to draw. So please ask a question when you think about it yourself.