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How to solve the common problems in underwater cutting engineering?
Edit:新乡市鸿源潜水工程有限公司   UpDate:2019-02-26

Underwater cutting is a very dangerous role, a lot of situations are not only in the suspended position, but also need to have the aid of the rope to better complete, I am in the state of suspension how to do cutting work, let's take a look at it together.

First, underwater cutting how to solve the hanging problem

1, should first make the diver stable body after the underwater cutting, can install the workbench to install as far as possible, can not install the workbench may also make a hanging basket for divers to stand in the hanging basket for cutting. Of course, the cable can also be used to stabilize the body.

2, for the suspended position of underwater cutting should pay great attention to the cutting order. For the general workpiece or structure for cross-cutting or vertical cutting, should be cut from top to bottom by block. However, for the horizontal tube cutting should pay strict attention to the steel pipe on the upper half of the weeks left a distance, and then cut or with a crane to pull off.

Second, the use of rope saws for underwater cutting to pay attention to what?

Underwater rope saw cutting is mainly used in the field of shallow water, in the deep water application is still a certain difficulty. And because the voltage and current of underwater cutting are high, underwater operators must pay attention to the equipment equipped to avoid the risk of underwater electric shock.

Underwater rope saw cutting is through a specific booster device to make water through a specially designed nozzle, a certain mechanical energy can be effectively converted into the kinetic energy of water, the use of this high-speed water jet kinetic energy impact needs to be segmented workpiece. The media used for underwater cutting are divided into two basic types of pure water jet cutting and adding abrasives to water by adding various abrasives.

The above is about the underwater cutting engineering common problems and detailed solutions, I hope to bring you some help.